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Vapur - Filtration

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The Vapur® MicroFilter is a portable, light weight and chemical-free water filtration system that utilizes the most advanced ultra membrane technology to safely remove 99.9999% of water borne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan cysts (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium).

The Vapur® MicroFilter weighs just 2.7 ounces and capable of purifying more than 500 liters of safe drinking water from lakes, rivers, streams and tap water.

Filter Tech:

The Vapur Explorer Series MicroFilter is made of 60 meters of hollow fiber membranes packed into a compact casing. These membranes are produced by a melt spun and drawn processes from 100% polyethersulfone raw materials. After the membrane is manufactured, the surface is coated with hydrophilic polymer to aid the filtration process.

Filter membranes have an absolute pore size of 0.2 micron with a minimum capacity of 500 liters when used in clear water.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight Bottle + Filter: 2.7 ounces
  • Filter only: 1.1 ounces
  • Dimensions 5.75"w x 10"h
  • Filter Technology Ultra Membrane Technology
    (Hydrophilic capillary membrane)
  • Performance 99.9999% of bacteria
  • Pore size: Absolute .2 microns
  • Flow Rate 0.5L/min @ 0.2 bar
  • Filter Life Minimum of 500 Liters
  • Temperature Min. operating temp: >0°
  • Max. operating temp: 55°
  • Max. storage temp: 65°

Available in Olive Green and Night Blue



MicroFilter - Olive Green

MicroFilter - Night Blue



Kick the disposable bottle habit with the Vapur ShakeFilter. Safe, easy to use, portable and biodegradable, the ShakeFilter offers the most convenient way to reduce unwanted odor and taste from tap water. Up to 50 uses each.

Simply fill your reusable bottle, drop in the activated carbon filter and shake your way to fresh-tasting water!

Rinse before first use.

Claim of up to 50 uses is based on a 500ml bottle for up to a 30 day period. Normal for carbon pieces to be present in packaging and on filter bag prior to rinsing. Activated carbon; not made for direct consumption. Filters out chlorine and other agents that may affect the odor and water. Filter bags are biodegradable. Made in China.