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We decided to make socks, and we wound up making waves in the industry. Your decision to buy and support Swiftwick socks is inspired by what we do, how we do it and who we are. So, let's do a little online personality profile of Swiftwick...

We decided to make all our products in the USA. Not some. Not most. All.

Like you, we are here to compete and we are here to win. We value teamwork. In everything we do, we expect to be proud of our results and accomplishments. We take your success personally.

People ask what our brand means. It's an interesting question.

We care about our brand. Our brand embodies our promise to strive for a better experience for our athletes. Our network of specialty stores can count on our support, our domestic suppliers and partners can win doing business with Swiftwick. The team at Swiftwick is carving out new and brilliant facets of our brand every day, as the diamond representing results, gets closer to a flawless cut.
We put the time and energy into creating the best environment for your feet. Swiftwick decided to focus on quality materials, quality partners and quality people. If we make the best products we possibly can make, we have satisfied our exclusive objective.

Technology drives us. Excellence drives us. Treating people right, drives us.

We make the best socks you will ever wear.... GUARANTEED!


Swiftwick Socks Hightlighted in Sneak Peak into 2015 Running Gear:

At the Aug. 5-9 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in Salt Lake City, running gear manufacturers showed off next year’s gear for retailers, sales reps, distributors and the media to see.

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