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Vibram Disc Golf

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Disc Golf Set

Vibram golf discs are the only rubber based compression molded golf discs on the market. This gives our discs two significant advantages: Durability and Grip. The extra durability comes from the natural resiliency of rubber as well as the enhanced memory provided by compression molding. The rubber also provides superior grip across all weather. Improved performance is a result of both disc design, a more consistent flight over the (long) life of the disc, and a comfortable grip that you can always count on.


Set includes 1 Lace Driver 1 Ibex Midrange and 1 Ridge Putt
• Our cross linked family of compounds (X-Link) have been specifically designed to provide optimal grip in combination with varying levels of disc firmness
• Nick/Gouge Resistant, Our X-Link material is more resistant to nicks and gouges than the premier plastics on the market, making our golf discs the most durable discs on the planet
• 5X Better, Vibram golf discs will hold their shape and flight over 5x longer than an entry level plastic disc
• In addition to exceptional durability out of the box, the Vibram rubber discs have a stronger memory than conventional injection molded plastic discs

Disc Golf Set